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Our Mission

Welcome To SOS-CC

Throughout our journey we have come to realize there is not a lot of info on cervical cancer.  There is not much awareness and we could not find any support.  Don't get us wrong there is a MASSIVE amount of support out there for cancer.  However we realized that certain cancers like lung cancer, breast cancer, etc. have their own support channels.  As well as foundations for donations.  This unfortunately is not the same for cervical cancer.  We hope to help that.  

With our website we want to curate all of the information that we have gathered and learned from our own experience and research.  We want to give a "one stop shop" for people that want to learn more about cervical cancer to come to the website and have all of their questions answered as well as learn more along the way.  

We will have much more updates coming in the near future as we are just getting started.  Please subscribe below with your email address and when there are updates we will let you know.  

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About Us

We are a new website that is being started and self funded by a family where cervical cancer has become a part of their lives. We have come to notice that there is not enough awareness, help, or information for families and loved ones with cervical cancer.  We want to help and share what we have learned along the way.  I came up with the name in a dream (not to sound cliche but it’s true). SOS stands for “Saving Our Sarah”. As this is done by myself and my kids. I thought it was clever as the acronym for that is SOS which also stands for “help”. Which is exactly what we want to do. The CC is for cervical cancer. So we combine that together we get SOS-CC. “Help Cervical Cancer“ and “Saving Our Sarah”. 

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