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SOS CC The Game is a rogue-like game with random rooms and randomly generated enemies, loot, and power-ups. Every game you play will be different than your last. You will follow Sarah on her journey of defeating cancer. Using the powers she was given can you beat this disease? Discover the story by finding diary pages hidden in the game world. Discover secrets, power-ups, and permanent upgrades that will help you on your journey.  

Key Features:

Premium Game without the price!

No Ads, No Timers, No energy System!

Hours of replayability

Every play through is different than the last

permanent upgrades!

Unlock Endless Mode!

MFI Controller Compatible

Running @60FPS+

Custom Music by Dale North!

Custom Sound Effects by Luis Miguel Perez Vega and Mumu Island

Auto Save feature

Action Roguelike

Find and Unlock Diary Pages!

Devices Supported:

iPhone 6s(Plus) and later

iPad Pro(1st) and later

May run on older devices.

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Gameplay Trailer

SOS CC The Game Release Trailer.  Coming to IOS September 2018.

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SOSCC Saving Our Sarah Cervical Cancer

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